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What we provide:

The Celestial Registry (SM) will assign a name to an actual Star in the Universe and maintain the registration of the new name and coordinates of your Star. You will receive a certificate customized with your expressions printed on parchment paper, a Star Chart with the specific Star highlighted, approximate coordinates, along with additional star information. The certificate includes an individually hand-pressed raised gold seal with both the Registration and Certifying Officers hand-affixed signatures in ink .

Why choose the Celestial Registry ?

Our creative staff will work to produce a Customized Certificate as Unique and Special as those giving and receiving. The main text of the certificate is not pre-printed and is specially created and printed for each order received. It is tailored to your needs to capture your thoughts and feelings. Our certificate does not include handwritten "fill-in-the-blank" information and, except for the imprinted heading and certificate seal, is not mass produced !

Price, Quality, Service:

Other gifts don't pack the Supernova Effect of naming a Star for Someone Special.

When you need that special gift.....We'll be here !
Do you love someone, do you miss someone, do you appreciate someone?
Do they know that and do they know how much?
Isn't it about time you let them know for the first time?
Isn't it about time you let them know again?

Top 10 reasons to choose us!

1. Unique Gift:
A Great Gift for a Special Person and from a Special Person. Also for the person who has everything....Leave a Celestial Impression by Giving the Gift that Shines Year After Year!If you've been searching throughout the Universe (or just on planet Earth) for a truly unique and imaginative gift for friends, family, a special person, business associates, special clients, coworkers, employees, then you have found it !
2. Customized Certificate:
Our creative staff will work with you to produce an Official Certificate as unique and special as the person giving and receiving it. You can modify the certificate as you desire to capture you thoughts and emotions (limited only by available certificate space).
3. Individually Printed:
The main text of the certificate is not pre-printed and is specially created and printed for each order received. It is tailored to your needs to capture your thoughts and feelings.
4. Price & Quality:
We offer a quality product at a value to our customers. Our certificate can be beautifully framed which includes double matting or placed in an Executive Presentation Folder. For framed certificates each double matting has been individually custom-made and completed with a beveled cut.
5. No Calories:
Chocolates will soon be eaten (and will add calories to your special person). Our certificate does not. (Warning: Do not eat the certificate)
6. Supernova Guarantee:
The Celestial Registry promises that if the star we have renamed goes supernova, a new star will be chosen and a new certificate registered and will be forwarded at no charge to you.
7. 24 Hour Electronic Order Form:
Order all day...order all night...order when it's dark...order when it's light (electronic form only) For telephone orders call 1-800-309-4794 (toll free) or 703-753-2476, Fax 703-753-7337. Please telephone between 9am-5pm EST Monday-Friday.
8. Won't wilt:
Flowers do, our certificates don't. This is "The Gift That Shines Year After Year!" (Registered Servicemark)
9. Beats The Competition:
Compare, we welcome it. We'll be here when you come back!
10. Customer Satisfaction:
is what you'll experience.

This product is a novelty item. Celestial Registry is a service mark.  The Celestial Registry has no affiliation with any scientific or government body, star name company, or any other entity in the field of astronomy. As such, other persons or entities may not be aware and not honor or recognize the designations of the Star made by the Celestial Registry. Celestial Registry guarantees it will not duplicate the assigned Star and that registration will occur within the Celestial Registry. Celestial Registry has no control over assignments made by other companies or by any scientific, governmental, or other body.  "Celestial Registry",  "Celestial Impression" "The Star Name Company", and the Celestial Registry Seal are protected servicemarks "The Gift that Shines Year after Year" is a registered servicemark