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Q & A

Do you have a question? E-mail us at celestialregistry@yahoo.com  We look forward to hearing from you. You may find a response to one of your questions here.

Q. Is there an international star naming organization?

A. No. There is no government or scientific organization to name stars for people. Other astronomical organizations name comets and chart the galaxies and celestial bodies.

Q. Where is my star registered?

A. Your star is registered within the Celestial Registry®. Verification of this registration can be done by contacting the Celestial Registry®.

Q. Is my star registered with the government in any way?

A. No. Please thoroughly question any person or company claiming that your registration has been made with any branch or part of the government. Having your star name listed in the back of a book, or in any book, which has copyright protection and is registered in the Library of Congress, does not mean your star name is "registered with the government" in the true sense. Every published book is given a catalog registration or reference number and provided copyright protection.

Q. Do I need a telescope, or can I see the star without one?

A. You may need a small telescope to see the star. Most of the available stars are deep space objects. You can utilize the provided star chart to locate the star.

Q. Can I return a certificate?

A. You may return a certificate if it was damaged during shipping, there was a production error, or there is an error on the certificate. Our quality control team verifies that the certificate is produced as you ordered. The certificate is customized to your needs.

Q. How long will it take for the certificate to arrive?

A. That depends on your global location and what shipping method you select. We provide shipping across the United States and Canada, and to international destinations. Please call for next-day shipping.

Name a Star!

This product is a novelty item. Celestial Registry is a service mark. The Celestial Registry has no affiliation with any scientific or government body, star name company, or any other entity in the field of astronomy. As such, other persons or entities may not be aware and not honor or recognize the designations of the star made by the Celestial Registry. Celestial Registry guarantees it will not duplicate the assigned star and that registration will occur within the Celestial Registry. Celestial Registry has no control over assignments made by other companies or by any scientific, governmental, or other body. "Celestial Registry", "Celestial Impression" "The Star Name Company," and the Celestial Registry Seal are protected servicemarks. "The Gift that Shines Year after Year" is a registered servicemark.